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Top Selling Plant-Based Diet Book

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Why Plant Based Done Right?

Over 600 paperback books sold and many eBook copies, Eat Grass Kick Ass, Plant Based Done Right has proven to be a highly desirable source for getting started on a plant-based diet the easy way.

Top Selling Plant-Based Diet E Book for Sale
Top Selling Plant-Based Diet E Book for Sale- Plant-Based Done Right


Cardiac and Diabetic Patients Benefit

Among these, especially while working with cardiac and diabetic patients, were witnessing the effects of bad food choices and the resulting


Key Eating Habits for Reversing Disease

On the other hand, while working with people in cultures well known for being the healthiest, most functional, and longest-living. Additionally, it became very clear that their eating habits were the key to reversing disease.


Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet Research

For more than ten years, I fully immersed myself in researching the Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet (WFPBD), attending regular conferences and workshops with top nutritional experts to learn how they successfully healed thousands of people around the world. 

Aware of the extensive inaccurate information available to the public and resulting confusion, my goal was to pull together the best resources and put them in one place—an easy-to-grasp book. What is a Plant-Based Diet?